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Daniel Béland, Rod Hick, Amilcar Moreira, Peter Whiteford, and Bea Cantillon (eds.). 2021. "Social Policy in the Face of a Global Pandemic: Policy Responses to the COVID19 Crisis," Social Policy & Administration, 55(2): 249-402. Click here for more information about this special issue.

Daniel Béland, Rana Jawad, and Emmanuele Pavolini (eds.). 2021. "Populism, Religion, and Social Policy," Social Policy and Society, 20(2): 264-356. Click here for more information about this special issue.

Sebastian Sewerin, Daniel Béland, and Benjamin Cashore (eds.). 2020. "Special Issue: Designing Policy for the Long Term: Agency, Policy Feedback and Policy Change," Policy Sciences, 53(2): 243-388. Click here for more information about this special issue.

Daniel Béland. 2019. How Ideas and Institutions Shape the Politics of Public Policy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press ("Elements in Public Policy series").

This Element provides a critical review of existing literature on the role of ideas and institutions in the politics of public policy with the aim of contributing to the study of the politics of public policy. Because most policy scholars deal with the role of ideas or institutions in their research, such a critical review should help them improve their knowledge of crucial analytical issues in policy and political analysis. The following discussion brings together insights from both the policy studies literature and new institutionalism in sociology and political science, and stresses the explanatory role of ideas and institutions. Click here for more information about this Cambridge Element.

Daniel Béland, Gregory P. Marchildon, and Michael J. Prince (eds.) 2019. Universality and Social Policy in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Bringing together top scholars in the field, Universality and Social Policy in Canada provides an overview of the universality principle in social welfare. The contributors survey the many contested meanings of universality in relation to specific social programs, to the field of social policy, and, more generally, to the modern welfare state. In addition to universality, the related ideas of universalism and universalization are also discussed.

The book argues that, while universality is a core value undergirding certain areas of state intervention—most notably health care and education—the contributory principle of social insurance and the selectivity principle of income assistance are also highly significant precepts in practice. Click here for more information about this edited volume.

Daniel Béland and Edella Schlager (eds.). 2019. "Policy Feedback in Public Policy Research," Policy Studies Journal, 27(2): 179-491. Click here for more information about this special issue.

Daniel Béland and Alex Waddan (eds.). 2019. "Recent Social Policy in Canada and the United States," Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy, 35(1): 1-136. Click here for more information about this special issue.

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